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Wooden pieces

Wooden pieces

Wooden components can be made in a wide variety of shapes and sizes. It is a very universal and cost-effective material. Besides the standard pawns, meeples, cubes, discs, and triangles that we have in stock, we can also do custom shapes for wooden components. We then either paint them or use laser engraving for highly precise detailing. Take action and tell us your needs.

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According to design

Surface Technology

Painting, Engraving, Printing

Product Details:

Wooden cubes and other shapes for your board game

  1. Choose the size and material of the wood piece
  2. Choose the shape and color of the wood pieces
  3. Select the surface treatment process of wood parts
  4. Send design files to Sunday Games and get professional advice.
  5. Discuss the production process
  6. Get Custom Samples
  7. Start production

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