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RPG book

RPG book, or Role-Playing Game book, is a guide used in role-playing games. It provides rules, settings, and character creation details to help players and game masters conduct and manage the game. These books include core rulebooks and supplementary materials to enhance the game’s universe.

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A4, A5, According to design


Saddle Stitch Binding, Perfect Binding, Spiral Binding, Casewarp Binding(Hard Cover),Etc


128gsm C2S, 157gsm C2S, 80gsm Wood Free Paper, Cardboard, Etc

Surface Technology

Lamination, Linen, Matt Varnish, Embossed, Silver/Golden Foil, UV Spot,Etc

Product Details:

From a player’s view, an “RPG Book” is part rules book, part settings. The book describes the setting, and what the game is largely ‘about’ (say, an anime adventure set in the world of JoJos). The book then describes the mechanics to realize that world, such as,

  • Rules on making a character.
  • Rules on resolving conflicts between characters
  • Rules about resolving conflicts between character and environment.
  • Rules on how to use abilities and their working.

It also often contains information about the world. For example, it might have an explanation about the setting of Steel Ball Run.
Using this book to create characters and set up a world, the players then act out the characters as you would in a forum RPG, though the control of the details of the ‘scene’ outside of the character is usually in control of the GM. When conflicts or challenges arise, usually the GM will call a brief halt to the roleplaying to decide an outcome. Unlike forums, this isn’t usually an arbitrary decision, but decided randomly through a resolution mechanic (usually dice rolls), which your character may or may not have an advantage in per those character creation rules.

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