Your rulebook is a critical part of your game. You’ve spent months and even years getting those rules just right, so make sure you spend time getting your rulebook presentation just right. Most rulebooks are saddle-stitched (center-stapled) and feature multiple pages in groups of four with no greater than 64 pages. Our optional, high-quality spiral bindings made of thick, flexible plastic allow your booklet to lay flat on the table while keeping the pages safely attached. For books above 64 pages, SG recommends perfect bound or softcover binding. Got something even bigger or extra special? Hardcover binding is an excellent option for RPG and art books.

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Saddle Stitch Binding, Perfect Binding, Spiral Binding, Casewarp Binding(Hard Cover)


128gsm C2S, 157gsm C2S, 80gsm Wood Free Paper

Surface Technology

Lamination, Linen, Matt Varnish, Silver/Golden Foil, UV Spot

Product Details:

Easy steps to create your own card game instruction rule book

  1. Choose the size of booklet that you need for your rule book
  2. Choose the type of fold and number of pages such as a 4, 6 or 8 pages
  3. Send design files to Sunday Games and get professional advice
  4. Discuss the production process
  5. Get Custom Samples
  6. Start production

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