A game board is the centerpiece of most tabletop experiences. Make sure yours is a thing of beauty! Sunday Games offers multiple folding options and thicknesses and our standard boards with reinforced folds and wrapped edges will look fantastic on your table and hold up to years of game nights. And don’t neglect the back! Printing a custom back for your game board adds minimal cost and adds that extra touch gamers appreciate. Planning on a giant game board? We can do that!

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1/1, 1/2, 1/3, 1/4, 1/6, 1/8, Puzzle, Neoprene Mat


157gsm Art Paper +1.0mm /1.2mm /1.5mm /1.8mm /2.0mm /2.5mm /3.0mm Grey Board, Black Binen Paper, Rubber

Surface Technology

Glossy Lamination, Linen, Matt Lamination, Silver/Golden Foil, UV Spot

Product Details:

Choose the size of game board that you wish to use

  1. Choose the size of game board that you wish to use(If you can’t find a size that fits, Please contact Sunday Games and we will give you professional advice.)
  2. Choose between standard or premium material
  3. Choose a gloss or matte and a smooth or linen finishing
  4. Choose a type of fold including bi-fold, quad-fold, 6-fold etc
  5. Choose standard or lay-flat game board construction
  6. Send design files to Sunday Games and get professional advice
  7. Discuss the production process
  8. Get Custom Samples
  9. Start production

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