About Sunday Games Manufacturing

Sunday Games for many years as a manufacturer provides customers with high quality board game and package manufacturing coupled with great customer service, sustainability and social responsibility.

Our Development

  • 2001 GUANGZHOU

    Sunday came to life in November 2001 with just 6 people on the team and 500 square meters of factory area. At first we specialized in kind of boxes. No Games,Cards,Boards were available in our offer at that time.

  • 2007 GUANGZHOU

    A major change came in 2007, More and more domestic game suppliers have found us and have attracted our interest in board games successfully.Then we launched our own boards and cards production line.

  • 2011 NINGBO

    In order to broaden our offer and adapt better to our clients’ needs, we invested in Rong Hui printing company. This factory prints board games as well as books for the domestic Chinese market and worldwide.

  • 2017 SHENZHEN

    Due to our fast development and increasingly fierce competition in the industry, we are not satisfied with the domestic market. We plan to open up the international market and set up our foreign trade department in Shenzhen.

Where all pieces connect

Sunday Games is the service provider at the heart of the boardgame and puzzle industry where all pieces connect. As a full service partner we offer five essential services that allow our customers worldwide to bring new and creative products to the market in a efficient and reliable manner.

  1. Manufacturing. Millions of boardgames and puzzles have left our factory annually since we first opened in 2001. By going the extra mile, offering new perspectives and using our experience in combination with our versatile machines we specialise in high quality products.
  2. Sourcing. Meticulously selected on quality, reliability and innovativeness we have build a global network of suppliers that allow us to convert your creative ideas into reality.
  3. Logistics. Tapping into the dynamic market circumstances and increasing need for flexibility Sunday Games offers a complete package of logistics services ranging from storage to sea-freight and from fulfilment to stock management.
  4. Compliance. Safety is top priority in everything we do. Safety of our employees but of course also safety of the products we make. All our products are created in a ethically sound environment and are compliant with the Toy Safety Directive.
  5. Support. Innovation and creativity are the essence of the board-game industry so we are here to do our bit. Technical advise and active support in game development are self-evident for us.

Our Social Responsibility.

Let’s work together to make the gaming industry more environmentally friendly!


Sunday Games acts ecologically consciously for over 10 years and for
more than one decades we usd in renewable energy.

Ecology is a driving force for the entire corporation and this is why
Sundays game are the environmentally friendly produced games.

We want to invite you to work with us towards this goal: Let the board game industry do their part in preserving our planet!

Sustainable Resource: Paper

Sustainable Resource: Wood

Clean Energy

Reducing Plastic

Here are some specific values that Sundaygames can aim for to promote environmental protection during its production processes: 

  • Using sustainable materials: Sundaygames can aim to use at least 50% recycled paper and biodegradable plastics for its game production. The company can also use eco-friendly inks that are free from harmful chemicals. Additionally, the company can use wood from sustainably managed forests and natural rubber from sustainably managed plantations. The use of sustainable materials can help reduce the carbon footprint of production and minimize waste.
  • Minimizing packaging waste: Sundaygames can aim to use minimal packaging and ensure that at least 80% of its packaging is recyclable. Additionally, the company can label its packaging with clear recycling instructions to encourage customers to recycle.
  • Reducing energy consumption: Sundaygames can aim to reduce its energy consumption by at least 30% by using energy-efficient production methods and equipment. The company can also aim to use 100% clean energy from renewable sources such as solar or wind power and reduce its carbon emissions by at least 14 tons per year.
  • Proper waste management: Sundaygames can aim to recycle at least 80% of its waste and properly dispose of hazardous waste. The company can also implement a waste reduction program to minimize the amount of waste it generates.
  • Monitoring and reporting: Sundaygames can track its energy consumption, waste generation, and greenhouse gas emissions and aim to reduce its greenhouse gas emissions by at least 25% or 14 tons per year. The company can also report on its environmental performance annually to promote transparency and accountability.
  • Educating stakeholders: Sundaygames can educate its employees, suppliers, and customers on the importance of environmental protection and aim to reduce its carbon footprint by at least 20% through stakeholder engagement and awareness.

By setting specific targets and goals, Sundaygames can measure its progress towards promoting environmental protection during its production processes and continuously improve its environmental performance. These values can vary depending on the size and complexity of the production process, but setting concrete goals can help the company achieve measurable results in terms of environmental sustainability. The use of sustainable materials, along with other measures such as energy conservation and proper waste management, can help Sundaygames reduce its environmental impact and promote sustainability.

Well, it is not that easy, we don’t have the universal solution yet. But environmentally conscious behavior is the basis of our business. Sunday Games is one of the leading suppliers. In the next couple of years we will develop new products and new technologies in cooperation with our partners to come closer to our goal: to turn games into completely sustainable and ecological goods. Be part of it and contact Sunday Games today and benefit from our advantage in innovation!


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