You only get one chance to make a first impression, and the first impression of your game is often the box. A great box can give the game characters a stable home and makes your game stand out on a shelf.

Every box at Sunday is custom-made and we offer a variety of thicknesses and finishes to make your box look and feel great. You’ll want a box that’s large enough to contain all of the components without being too big. Pro tip: Make sure your box is at least 15mm larger in each dimension than your largest component so players can easily remove each piece. Your SG Project Manager will work with you to determine the best box size for your game.

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According to design


Clamshell Box, Magnetic Book Box, Plane Box, Tin Box, Toothpaste Box, Two Piece Box


157gsm Art Paper +1.0mm /1.2mm /1.5mm /1.8mm /2.0mm /2.5mm /3.0mm Grey Board

Surface Technology

Embossed, Glossy Lamination, Hollow, Linen, Matt Lamination, Silver/Golden Foil, UV Spot

Product Details:

Original solutions, good quality

We spe­cia­li­se in rigid boxes


We manufacture boxes:

from so­lid bo­ard and cor­ru­ga­ted bo­ard

la­mi­na­ted to art pa­per, of­f­set or li­nen pa­per


We offer refinements:

glos­sy or mat­te UV co­ating

glos­sy or mat­te me­tal­lic or trans­pa­rent foil glit­ter ef­fect

hot stam­ping and em­bos­sing

We of­fer over 200 kinds of re­ady-made to­ols for bo­xes set-up.


Our choice of boxes:

ri­gid bo­xes made of grey or ble­ached 1.5 mm or 2.0 mm bo­ard la­mi­na­ted both in­si­de and out­si­de

la­mi­na­ted to li­nen pa­per or art pa­per

bo­xes made of cor­ru­ga­ted bo­ard E and F flu­te

fol­ded so­lid bo­ard / card­bo­ard bo­xes from 250 gsm up to 400 gsm

bo­xes in a va­rie­ty of sha­pes and with dif­fe­rent me­thods of clo­sing

bo­xes with a ma­gne­tic clo­sing

any in­di­vi­du­al type of box ta­ilor-made to fit the cu­sto­me­r’s ne­eds.

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