Take your game up a notch with components in unique and special shapes. Miniatures are a beautiful way to help your game stand out, but they do increase complexity, cost, and the length of time to produce a game. We’ll need detailed information about your Miniatures to get things started and you can expect several rounds of review and approval as our quality control process ensures that your components are created correctly and to your specifications. You’ll love the results!

Sunday Games can help you manufacture miniatures in any size and shape you might like. We can produce the miniatures in both resin and plastic, depending on your preference. Just provide us with a digital 3D model file, which will quickly bring your miniatures to life.

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According to design


Metal, Plastics, Polyresin

Product Details:

Steps to create a 3D figurine

  1. Send design files to Sunday Games and get professional advice (3D file such as obj or stl, and a preview file in JPEG as well so that we can see how you want the figure to look.)
  2. Discuss the production process
  3. Get Custom Samples
  4. Start production

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