How to make your game popular with players? What questions do you need to think about when you plan to design a board game?

Different people find different things fun. The things I find fun, And can make a game a legend include:

1.Multi-Path Strategy – There should be multiple paths to victory and not a single dominant strategy (that is obvious, at least).

2.Decision-Driven Play – Like a few others have touched on, the game should revolve more around player decisions than raw luck.

3.Player Interaction – Players should interact heavily with each other. Games that include negotiation, deception, and cooperation are my favorites.

4.Immersive Theme – It’s always a bit more fun if a game can really have you believing you are a general, soldier, etc. Good aesthetics help with this.

5.Replayability – Elements of play that change every time the game is started help ensure the game doesn’t get stale, and also help push players down the different multi-path strategies.

6.Tension – A game that leaves you aching to see what the next card, dice roll, or player turn will bring helps build immersion and mental investment in the game.

7.Involvement – Nobody wants to sit idly at a table for 45 minutes while others plot their turns. Turns should be quick and simple or have the opportunity to draw in other players.

8.Simple Framework – Complex Outcomes – This one is tough to explain and tougher to design, but the idea is something like “simple to learn, tough to master.” A game should have a clear enough structure and simple enough rules to get your head around after playing once or twice, but complex enough that it will still have surprises after 10 or 20 plays. This one also feeds replayability.

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