How to fund on Kickstarter or Gamefund?

If you want to publish your own game, there are two ways.

First, find a publisher and sell your game copyright to them. That’s easy and not easy.

The other way is to publish it yourself.

But what if you don’t have enough funds?

Crowdfunding is undoubtedly a good way, and most designers will choose to release their games on Kickstarter or Gamefund, but how to fund on this kind of platform?

The following are just some simple suggestions by Sunday Games, but we believe it is far more than these:

1. Tell your story (A touching story can easily resonate)

2. Determine the amount of crowdfunding (It is not easy to set a reasonable amount. It is best to find some manufacturer to help you calculate the approximate production cost and transportation cost.

Sunday Games is very good at this)

3. Shoot a stunning video. (If you have a set of prototypes will help a lot, you can contact us make the free prototypes for you)

4. Anticipate how you will carry out manufacturing and fulfillment.

5. Find blogs or reviewers that will help you spread the word.

6. Involve your backers.

Anything else?

Come on, Contact us and discuss!

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